Easy Love

I once narrated a strange incident that happened to me to my Gurukul Friends… Bhuvan liked it so much that he wrote it down on my behalf.

When was the last time you experienced a Hollywood style topsy-turvy moment? You know one of those moments wherein you are going on with your ordinary life and out of the blue something (or someone) comes up and pushes you into chaos. I had one such moment recently when I received a letter from my lost umbrella!!! Now don’t start thinking something dramatic like the Harry Potter saga but this was real enough to make me question the irrational.

I woke up that day with an odd feeling that something big was impending to happen, but I could not put my finger on what it was exactly. So I was passing my day like a zombie when suddenly Zing – Zing the mobile vibrated against my skin. Even before I could reach out to open the message, I had an eerie feeling that the answer to the unfounded anticipation that I woke up to that morning, lies here. So with a mystic purpose, I slowly slid it out and read the message. It was a sentimental note from my long lost umbrella. Forgotten umbrella

Now I know what you must be thinking and as any rational being would, I first suspected that it must be one of my friends trying to pull a prank on me. So I went about rounding up all the usual suspects. But none of them had a clue as to what I was talking about. So instead of just going after random guesses, I sat down and really thought about my lost umbrella. You know how in life sometimes people identify you with an object. For example, your big spectacles or some special bright dress you wear. Well, my exclusive identifier was my umbrella. It was this huge one which completely dwarfed me and I think probably if there was a wind strong enough, it could lift me away like how Mary Poppins did. But unfortunately, one day I left it somewhere and forgot all about it. Now 3 years have passed since this happened and I get this message out of the blue.

Do you remember me? It was a rainy day like this, when you left me leaning against the wall and walked away, I was looking at you with a heavy heart… what else could I have done? How can I shout or even cry out loud? I am just an umbrella. I don’t have a voice and my silence- you never hear or understand. That day I cried a lot and prayed with all my heart that you would turn back and come and pick me up. You didn’t. You never heard my silence and it didn’t matter to you because it had already stopped raining. Every passerby saw my tears and no one helped. No one told you that you were leaving me behind. Everyone mistook my tears for rainwater and eventually that dried up too. Now only the stains of these tears remain and this will never get washed away in any rain.

Every monsoon after that brought back memories of the wonderful times we spent together. I hear the raindrops speak in your voice and spent many a sleepless nights dreaming that you would come back. But it never happened. Now I am getting older, my joints pain as they are all rusted. The cloth is all dirty, wrinkled and with dark spots all over. Oh! Forgot to tell you, the shopkeeper tricked you- my wooden handle cracked up. But then he did not assure you against termites, Did he? What about you? You may have found another umbrella for yourself. I would never know and I don’t want to.

After a really long time I got out into the rain today when someone threw me out in the garbage. I felt again what it is like to be in the rain. I envy the raindrops. They relive their life again after coming crashing down to Earth. They travel all around the world and know everything. They also told me about you. Now I can happily wait for the garbage truck. If they ever bury me, I hope they dig the grave shallow, so that I can still feel the rain.

Your umbrella.

So here I stand with this predicament. In a world where we are eternally deciphering the mysteries of love and considering that we live in an age of digital isolation where true love is hard to find, is it really so senseless to believe that magic and miracles do happen. Even if we are lucky enough to actually decode the mystery a little and find someone close to the heart, is it really necessary to cross-check if it is ‘sensible’. Can’t we just spread our inert unlimited love encompassing everything? After all as Mary Poppins herself says “Never judge things by their appearance… even carpetbags”
or an umbrella it seems….

(Originally written for Gurukul Magazine, Infosys Mysore)