Contemporary Indian Classical-Western Fusion Music

If you love the classically inclined music with some modern instruments like me, I am sure you love Dance Festivals.

The recent one at Technopark Trivandrum had some amazing performances and a decent number of good ones. But one thing to be noticed is that the Vedic Chants based songs are hit with all the teams ( No Gangam Style not counted, thank you).

Thanks to the Super amazing app called SoundHound (go download it right now. Yeah RIGHT NOW! Oh! You have it already, nevermind) I could get all of them recognized!

All you have to do is let the app hear a bit of the song. It will search its database and find out which song is that. There are options to see Lyrics for many songs. And unlike the similar App Shazam (Which was my favourite before this one) this one recognizes Indian Songs!

Some of the songs I got from the fest are the following: Continue reading