Human friends

Received a Learn French mail at Office today. And that brought back a small piece of memory from my 9th Standard School Vacation.

I decided that I have time and interest to learn a foreign language during my annual examinations while I was reading some History or Geography lesson. That night when Mom was in kitchen, I went and told her that I might sign up for some French or German lessons during vacation. She said that’s good and even suggested going for German because I will have her Sister and Husband to talk to. Communication improves only through communication, she added. Sounded sensible. And additionally my uncle is actually a French and German teacher. So why go elsewhere, I can just go and stay at their place and learn it from them! Double Offer! Vacation at cousin’s place and learn two languages!

After exams, I almost forgot about all these and decided that I am going to learn Java or VB.

I went to Mom and said that I want to learn Java. She is like, “ What is that?”. “A language”, I replied. “Good!” [thinks for some time and replies] “But, I think you should go for some language more people speak. What are the odds that you meet someone from that Indonesian Island? Why did you change plans from German?” [innocent stare]

I went ROFL-ing and attempted explaining that this was the “language” computers speak! She advised I should make more human friends and learn more human languages because I will be speaking to more humans than computers! Little did she know where I was heading… (neither did I)