The little book that can change your life

You have no idea how some things you do come back to you. No… not that time it totally back fired. It sometimes comes back in the right time.

During college doesn’t everybody pass through that one phase where you seem to have hit the rock bottom- you are pathetically single (still), some back papers that looks like the end of the world, friends turn to strangers, strangers you befriended get revealed to be leeches, you don’t want to go out with your friends gang (if you still have one), you are totally broke, you fall sick, you are fed up of the college staff, you don’t even want to attend senate meetings, you want to resign the elected positions and just want to run away. Continue reading


My Valentines Day thoughts

Today – another 14th of the February-Valentines Day – A day when world get into heated arguments once again – “Do love and lovers need a day to be dedicated to them?” As in every year this year also no one would have reached a conclusion. Well now let us bury those thoughts once again until the calendar shows another year.

I know that you actually got interested in the title and you are probably expecting my Valentines Day confessions. Then I am forced to leave you waiting indefinitely. If red roses, hearts, flashy cards and sentimental love messages are not in my mind, why did I entitle this post ‘Valentines Day thoughts’? It is because 14th of February had been a landmark in the history of College Of Engineering, Munnar.

There had been four Februarys after I joined this college and all of them had the good old 14th in them. If we connect last three dots with the narrow string of events between 14/02/2007 and 14/02/2009, we get the changing face of our college. I am sure that the plethora of events that happened between these dates will surely leave you thinking about your own college life.

To begin with let us consider the 14th of February 2007. Can anyone remember what was so special about that Valentines Day? Anyone? I know that what happened then is not a big deal now. Just turn to page number 70 of our First college magazine – Ripples ’07. [I know it is still disputed if it is the First College magazine. Let’s discuss that later.] Page no. 70 starts like this:

Pranayaleghana Malsaram
Pranayaleghana Malsaram

Yes. It was the day when everyone was greeted with a Valentines Day special Love Letter box in the entrance lobby! Yes, it is the same day you found Valentines Day posters adoring the mighty walls of our college! It was that day when we heard our teachers read out a notice in the class announcing the love letter competition! Anyone in the then S4 CSE (I know. Not everyone….but at least someone in S4 CSE) would remember that we decorated our class and even planned some Valentines Day special programs in our class on the 13th Feb.

Along with that we may remember that the next day morning we found that all decorations were gone and none of the plans for the Valentines Day came out of paper. What had happened? Yes. You guessed it right. We had some staff coming and telling us that it was not allowed in the college and if we continued the celebration, we will face disciplinary action. We had to undo all the decorations and tear away all the plans. Painful but true. Then? Then how did that love letter box come in the entrance lobby? How did that poster come up in the canteen? What made our teachers read out that notice? What kept all of us waiting outside the graphics hall for the results?

Am I adding drama to this or is it because I’m sleepy? Anyway…you have no other choice….keep waiting. Bye…

To the man [/men] blinded by vision

I know that you might wonder at the end of this post… “Why [the hell] am I reading this!” I have very little to do about it. This is solely intended to be read by those who feel that they should have read this earlier. I am not sure if I should hope that you are not one of them. If you don’t understand the incidents and feelings described here, I can safely conclude that you are not from the college described here. There is no point in reading further. And now that you ARE reading further, I assume that you know what you are going to read.
If you feel that it was long ago when MPC sir wrote the “From the chief editors desk…” in the college magazine Ripples – The rhythm of change… [Which of course did not make any {lasting} change] let me remind you those lines:

“Management experts classify people into three categories: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder how things happen. I would like to add a fourth category: those who do not care if anything happens at all. College of Engineering Munnar, albeit its miniature size has this fourth category in abundance.”

When he handed over that message to us, we could at least try to defend the student community. But time has proven that we have our mouths shut now. I must admit that College of Engineering Munnar has finally succeeded after four years of tireless efforts to add me to the fourth category. I don’t blame the faculty or the students for that. [If you find that I have a boring style of writing, let me remind you that the close button is not yet disabled!!]
I am sitting here at this computer for past few hours thinking not about what to write, but about what to write first and how to word them. After the end of write-rewrite cycles like those crap [read records and assignments], I finally decided to write them just as they come to my mind. After all I am not writing this to make someone read, I am writing this just because I want to.
ഒരു പക്ഷെ മനുഷ്യന്‌ ആദ്യമായി മത്സരിച്ചപ്പോള്‍ തന്നെ തോന്നിയിരിക്കാം പരാജയം സമ്മതിക്കാന്‍ എനിക്കിപ്പോള്‍ തോന്നുന്ന ഈ ജാള്യത. [Oru pakshe manushyanu aadhyamaayi malsarichappol thane thonniyirikkam paraajayam sammathikkan enikkippol thonnunna e jalyatha. ]
I feel embarrassed to admit that I failed miserably. Finally I admit that you were right when you said that I cannot do anything in this college. Sorry Jithin Mathew. I did not hear you when you warned infinite times that I will end up regretting what ever I did. I couldn’t foresee as much as you did. I agree that no team can do anything that can break the shackles of monotony in this college. I couldn’t believe you Shamzetta when you introduced this college as a bunch of students and staff who just go on doing what ever they are supposed to do as programmed devices. Sorry Sharoon, I did not get you when you said this should not be my domain. Sorry Swaroop, for arguing with you telling that it is your problem that you cannot love this college. Sorry Subin, I mislead you by telling you that at the end of the day they will understand your efforts. Sorry Meera that I made fun of you when you were going home at every chance you got. NOW I’m sorry Rhea that I couldn’t even wish you on your birthday as I was busy with the magazine. And, Sorry dear teachers that I had to cut your classes to do something for the college [All those things which I derived pleasure doing it excluded]

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