Does time heal wounds?

I had set up an ask-me-anything-anonymously page on website and found it pretty good.

About a year ago, someone asked me a question about wounds and I typed in what came to mind as the reply. Today while nursing an old scar on my soul, I remembered this and found it as a little self help guide.

Here it is.

Does time actually heal the worst of wounds?? And if it does, why hasn’t my wound healed?

Time might heal some wounds reasonably well. If your wound is not healing to your liking, there might be a lot of reasons.

1) Have you given it enough time to heal? Some wounds run deep. Some of them run wide. The deeper ones take longer to heal.

2) Did you let it heal? Or did you keep poking at it in rainy nights, long journeys and when in wayside cafes in far off places?

3) Do you have a wound really? Or do you just feel the itch where it was once present? May be you see a faint scar and imagine the wound all over again. Scar lasts a lot longer than the wound and might never go off; but it is not a wound anymore unless you make it one.

Your body and soul can heal wounds if you let it. Some takes longer, some fester, some get infected but they all heal. It would take more than just time. Sometimes you need to nurse it to heal better without leaving a scar. Stay strong.

So if you want to ask anything anonymously, ask.


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