Blue Ticks

June- After the first rain of the monsoon, as the remnants of a downpour slowly dripped down the leaves onto the ledge, splashed onto the window in a thousand droplets and slid down into an indistinguishable pool, I thought about you. I remembered the rainy days and how unromantic the rain felt when we were just trying to get home as fast as we can and make some hot coffee and warm our hands on the cup. I wanted to ask you if it was raining there as well. I didn’t. You wouldn’t like it.

July- new city, new people. I remembered how I met you for the first time. Have you made new friends? I wanted to ask.

August- Onam. Where is that pic of us both in the traditional wear for the first time that we took in your cam? Do you still have it? You wouldn’t may be.

September- I typed a hello and deleted it. I typed again; a thousand times. Deleted again; a thousand times.

October- I now watch movies that you might like. We were such kids to fight over our different taste in movies.

November- … you know.

December- and it is Christmas again. Does your mom still make Marble cakes?

January- another year closer to the leveler and then it starts all over again and this time with you I pray. Let me be worthy for you I wish.

February- A rose by any other name would smell as sweet but I bet they smell sweeter in your hands. Why did you have to be a Capulet?

March- a new city once again and a thousand times colder than ours. Is it cold where you are now? We did love our cold nights. Didn’t we?

April- it is spring and every withered branch is showing signs of life. Even every weed is showing a tinge of its true color. There is some sort of joy in the air. There is some sunshine even on a cold day. And every time I walk past the canal with the restaurant on the boat with a string of lights, I wish you were here.

May- “What are you up to? Haven’t heard from you in a while…”.

Blue ticks.


4 thoughts on “Blue Ticks

  1. Blue ticks : “What are you up to? Haven’t heard from you in a while…”.

    An update first through the scrolls. Blue ticks are what I have been very watchful now a days, but this time it lead me to a hill station, memories of fog, snow, rain and a wizard who plots things for others to get things done the way he like. A figure who look like a caricatured angel with wings similar to Warren Worthington. Right now an expression of exclamation !! Mostly wings part went wrong.


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