You said it. But did they hear it?

As children we all would have watched the Sunday afternoon Doordarshan news for the hearing impaired. At some point of time, you and me would have made jokes about it. I regret it these days.

There are moments when you have things to say and words just don’t come out and you feel helpless. The kind of moments you feel like crying out aloud but no voice comes out. Then what about people who can’t speak a word at all? Can we all imagine the things that they go through?

I may not be able to sell ice to Eskimos, but I sure can hold a conversation with most people. I have got reasonably good responses for a few presentations I have made in the past.

How feasible will it be to be a speaker/ translator for the hearing impaired? They shouldn’t miss out events like TED Talks.
I know it is not spelling out the words using finger and hand gestures resembling the alphabets. I know it is a whole new language with different grammar. And to make things worse, there are a thousand varieties and no real standardization even at National level.

How do I go forward? Any pointers would be appreciated.


2 thoughts on “You said it. But did they hear it?

  1. Sign language does not have a standard. Same as any other language. Every region has its own dialect which is similar to the language (We have bhojpuri, bundelkhandi, khadi boli that are all variations of Hindi). The sign language aims at expressions by using gestures that make most sense to the person. That way, it comes out the way it is meant to – naturally.


    • Jithin V Mohan says:

      Can’t really say it is not standardized at all. There is this Indo Pak Sign Language actually. And then there are some international ones too. Any way I am into it now. Will write another post soon.


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