Burnt Tree

Do you believe in supernatural? Life after death? Specifically about communications from the past? Do you believe that the past want to tell you something? Past from the past long before your past?

I once didn’t

Through a wide array of instances, I have come to believe in something that connects the thoughts of lots of people. There is no other explanation that I can believe in. Those stuffs kept happening over years. From as early as I can remember. Not all of them are weird and most (if not all) can be shrugged off as mere coincidences. But some day I believe that everything will make sense. But I am forgetting those stuffs one by one.

Do you remember the Malayalam movie Devadoothan’s tagline? It says, “Somebody wants to say something to someone”. What if there is somebody who is trying to tell something to someone through you? Are you listening to their helplessness?

Anyway, I will try to write them down as and when I get time and patience. Here is today’s. I call this one, “The burnt tree”.

The burnt tree

We were at a viewpoint near Munnar. It was a usual practice for me and my roommates, to get down there and spend some time on lime tea and evening mist. That day was very cloudy. If you have ever been to Munnar on a heavily clouded monsoon evening, you know what scary means. Sun was setting and it was already dark with occasional silver streaks across the sky. I lied down on the bench there.

“Which tree?” asked Arun. “What which tree?” I asked back.
“The one you told about just now!”
“I didn’t tell about any tree”
“You did”
“What did I say?”
“You said, Ayyo that tree is burning down!”

I thought for a moment and some vague picture started coming back from the dream I just saw while I took a short nap there. I could remember the place vaguely. I remember a small bridge near to an old tree. It was short and there is a small road that curved away from sight. I remember the tea plantation that was nearby. I was standing parallel to the bridge, but where? On the water? Am I in a boat? But wait, there is no water! Why is that bridge there? Am I on another parallel bridge? I was not sure. And there is a yellow board with something written in three languages! I can’t read anything!

As usual I shrugged it off and went on with life. After about a month or two, my friend said that he found a yellow board with something written in three languages on it. It was a government board with some notice in English, Malayalam and Hindi. When I saw the board, I knew instantly where the tree should be. I turned around pointing to the tree. But there was no such tree there. The bridge and the path were intact. But the tree is missing. Instead there was this heavy undergrowth. And there were no trees in the vicinity.

My friend and I gave an attempt in rationalizing the whole thing. He said I would have seen this scene everyday and by being a near-schizophreniac in terms of visual and auditory hallucinations, I would have imagined a tree to be there all the while. One fine day I might have subconsciously noticed that the tree is missing. I agreed. It could have happened. A while later the thing came in my dreams in full color surprising all of us.

Me hallucinating was tough to digest, but it sounded rational.

A few months passed and whenever we pass this place, we used to say that we should get down here one day. And one day we did too. Took some pics and we came back.

A few more months passed and one fine day there were a couple of people working on cutting the undergrowth while we passed that place in the morning. And by evening, they had dug out what looked like a huge tree stump, which was pitch black, as if burned down.


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