Don’t worry little girl…

It is raining cats and dogs here in Trivandrum. Sitting here by the window with the laptop and an unfinished book with the bookmark still marking the same page for over a month and hot coffee by my side reminds me of my childhood.

That's me and my little sister.

When we were small kids, after coming from school, though steaming coffee (well it was tea then I think) would be available in the flask, both of us wouldn’t touch it till Mom get back from the bank. And on rainy days me and my sister, who by the way, is so scared of lightning (till date) would get to the exact centre of the biggest bed, pull down the mosquito net and cover ourselves in the blanket and wait for Mom to return. Though it was just an hour and a half wait, I remember that it used to feel like ages. With every lightning, she would cling on to me and with every thunder she would scream in the top of her voice. I still don’t know why we thought the centre of the bed was the safest place in the house. That LKG girl has now grown up and her brother too. But when it rains, I still remember my childhood. I wonder if she does the same. Well maybe I should ask her someday.


A Haircut disaster

If anybody is planning to take a haircut at Trivandrum, please make sure that you don’t get it done by some Vinod at Fair Hair Studio, though most other guys at Fair does it perfectly!

Last time I went there I got it done by Ajith who gave me perfect well defined curls and awesome layers that made me believe curls are the best kind of hair!!

If people don’t know what to do with curls why do they take scissors to it!!? In fact I wanted to cut it all away. That’s another thing! But after the hair cut I looked at the mirror and was horrified! I didn’t know what to do! I quietly walked out of the Studio. And then I thought, why should I walk out with mouth shut?!

I called the reception and told them that I just got a haircut from there and is calling back to give feedback. “THIS IS THE MOST HORRIBLE HAIRCUT I EVER HAD!” Then what and all did I say, I don’t even know now. I was boiling with anger. I was asked to wait for 2 hours for this Sh*t! Then the owner called me. He is the most popular hair stylist in the state. He asked me if I could come back so that he can see what can be done.

I went back and now I don’t regret going back. Though the hair is void of any curls and is only 20% of the length I walked in there with, 3 hours before, I am happy. Though even my computer’s face recognition login software couldn’t recognize me and refused to let me use the laptop!!