Here comes the rain again

“It just can’t be that way…. It shouldn’t be.”

“I know”

“You know this is not the time”


“I don’t have time and patience to go through this. I told you this is not the time”

“Don’t be so angry”

“What else should I do?”

“Don’t shout. Others are watching”

“So what? You are the one who started this.”




“What’s that sound?”

“It’s the rain”


“I think it just started to rain”



“Can we go out?”


It was such a nice feeling to be out there in the rain. To see it rain in the campus reminded me of the good old days in my home town. The place where I did my engineering was also infamous for its rains and mist. The monstrous pillars out there looked even more monstrous with a backdrop of thunder and occasional silver streaks across the sky. The place was really crowded with people who wanted to get wet and those who wanted to stop getting wet. We were all eager to run out and collect those hail stones like little children. The formal attire just looked like school uniforms again. I wanted to run out and get wet. But as I read in that blog that day, this cash and mobile phone in my pocket took away that liberty too…!

Now the rain seems to have subsided a little… But as I looked around, she was gone too…!

Or perhaps just lost in the crowd.

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