The vagaries of an Infoscion (A new one for that matter) !

I’m waiting to get my salary tomorrow.

Not only that I am bankrupt at the moment and not only that my friends are all bankrupt, but because I have something in my mind to spend some money on. I need to buy all the Harry Potter books! Yeah the same old so-called good-for-nothing-children’s-fantasy-book on magical creatures (Oops – beings).
Whatz with this new found interest in the HP series, you might ask. (Well, you may not…err…..but just ask me)

This GEC2 always gives me the feeling of living in a magical world!! A world of spells and potions! Imagine giving out a spell to bring pictures on the walls! (Sad that the spells would be like PUT pictures!! Or SELECT DaVinci from Gallery!! Or so ) What about walking right into the wall after coming out from the elevator in GEC1 and landing right into the region under the fire exit stairs in GEC2? Don’t you think one of the pillars in Amoeba can be opened when stuck at the right spot!! Wouldn’t taking out the 5th book on the second row and 7th book in 3rd row open a secret passage leading you to the Board rooms!! Doesn’t the light reflecting off the floral patterns of the floor make strange cryptic messages on the ceiling!! Have you ever come in at odd hours and watched all the ornamental electrical wall lights in GEC2 entrance lobby burning like Medieval Greek torches casting eerie shadows!! Oh!! Not to mention about the strange Celtic patterns near the monstrous pillars at the entrance!! What are they doing in a “Software Company”? Oh yeah!! They call it “Global Education Centre”!!
Well I should read the Harry Potter Books!!

P.S: I already have all the Dan Brown Books with me!


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