More Literature

After posting the previous entry I thought, “Why don’t download some good novels and start reading them instead of reading blogs for a change?” But reading novels onscreen may not as interesting as it is on paper. So i decided to go for short stories.

I browsed and found a few clutter free sites…. I copied the link and was wondering where do I paste it! And decided to paste it here so that someone can remind me where did I save it even when I forget (Which I do very often!)

Ok… So here it is :

It link says novels but the home page says “Now more than 145 classic short-story titles, and growing…”

If you are a O.Henry Fan :

Oh the Project Gutenberg is also great!!
They claim to be the first producer of free ebooks. Go there for free ebooks and catalog. If it is Engineering text books for CS, ask Minu Balan or Anupa J

An interesting thing about Project Gutenberg is quoted below
“Did you know that you can help us produce ebooks by proof-reading just one page a day? Go to: Distributed Proofreaders

Distributed Proofreaders says “Preserving History one page at a time”. There you can help make e-books…. They will give a scanned copy of a book and the OCR converted text. You can compare and make corrections if required. This proceeds in rounds and is finally made into an ebook and submitted to the Project Gutenberg Archive.

A great concept!!! People like Lynn, Aswathy, Rishy, Ananthi Miss and others MUST help.


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