100 random things about me!

I know it is customary to do this post as the 100th post in a blog. As I’m not sure that this blog will live that long, let me post it now.

1. I’m from the sweet little town of Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad district of Kerala.
2. Deadlines amuse me!
3. I once had a Pomeranian dog Ricky and a few birds and fishes. Now I hate pets.
4. And few of those birds were hens and cocks.
5. I did my schooling from Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Wayand Kendra (till 10th) and WMO English Academy, Muttil (11th and 12th) and Joined MES Engineering College, Kuttippuram and finally got higher option to College of Engineering, Munnar in Computer Science Department.
6. I wanted the previous point to be 4 points!
7. The first reason why I joined engineering was because it was the easiest course to get an admission to and had reasonable chance to get a job. And second reason – I couldn’t find a course I like more!
8. I love photography.
9. I’m stuck here and just sent an SMS to many to help me with this.
10. Becoming a social reformer was my childhood dream.
11. Becoming a radio jockey was the best profession I could think of for a long time.
12. Later someone told me that it required reading newspapers everyday.
13. I’ll buy the first copy if something like “Beginners guide to Indian Politics” or “Indian Politics for dummies” is published.
14. That will include any booklet of “Contemporary Indian Political Parties, Their Leaders and Symbols[or emblems or logos or whatever it is]”
15. I dream a lot. So much that I think I start dreaming right when I lie on bed until I wake up.
16. And I remember most of them!!
17. I write my personal diary in crypt.
18. Later I forget how to decrypt it. Then I’ll use a different method of encryption.
19. Finally computers came to my rescue by implementing cryptography and steganography.
20. Steganography had been my minor project for B.Tech.
21. I had a huge umbrella. ചിലര് അതിനെ ഇടവകയുടെ കുട എന്നു വിളിക്കാറുണ്ട്.
22. I lost it!
23. I and Jithin Mathew had two pairs of similar umbrellas. He lost his in the first pair and I lost the above mentioned second one! L
24. Midhun once compared my handwriting to Sumesh sir’s class. “കിടിലന്! പക്ഷെ ഒരക്ഷരം മനസ്സിലാവുന്നില്ല!!”
25. My favourite quote – :
“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.”

By Lewis Carroll, The Walrus and The Carpenter, (from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

Courtesy: MPC sir (our previous Principal). That’s what he wrote on board the first day I came to this college and said “Let’s talk like that”.
26. Lynn’s reply received. The following 7 points are by Lynn.
27. I laugh at anything.
28. I pretend to be calm and I pretend well.
29. I’m a workaholic. [As well as the “laziest person alive!” – My Mother]
30. I can convince a Lion that it is a vegetarian! [Ha ha ha!! Thank you Lynn for reminding me that!!]
31. I’m moody [ not always].
32. I’ve a bad sense of dressing.
33. I thrive on creating moods and situations and living in them. [I hope at least she knows what does that mean…leave God]
34. I love Indian art style of drawing. I’m poor at anatomy. Both in painting and in real life!
35. I look like a caricature myself – Big head and small body!
36. Rishi’s message received – “Right person in wrong time many a time”. Ho! That’s a new info. I’ve always thought I’m mostly the wrong person in wrong place at wrong time!
37. I love thinking out of the box.
38. I’ll easily get bored of routine.
39. I’ll always embrace change and experiment.
40. I may not seek the easiest way but will obviously go the different way. I always love the road less taken. [Courtesy Libin Chacko for the previous 4 points]
41. മിക്കവാറും ഒരു നിര്വികാരപരബ്രഹ്മം! എപ്പോഴുമല്ലാ ട്ടോ! 😉
42. I’m still undecided about “Better bend than break” or “Better break than bend”. I tend to be following the latter than the former.
43. Many people find chatting with me as interesting as many others find it boring.
44. I usually don’t get angry soon but when I do, my tongue attains self-sufficiency and start acting on its own!
45. When I was a child, I thought Jesus Christ was a Malayalee and Britishers crucified him during the freedom struggle!! That was because Malayalees call it ദു:ഖ വെള്ളി (Dhu:kha velli) while in English it is “Good” Friday!! Why should Keralites be sad while the British are happy if not so??!
46. Like most children I believed that the nail grew at the edge close to the finger tip.
47. For a loooong time I thought there was only one hindi actress as well as it is the same crew who did all English films!! I couldn’t differentiate anybody. They all looked so same!!
48. I still struggle to believe there are many hindi male singers! Even if there are many singers, all of them must be having cold all the time!!
49. I think Bamboo hut, Munnar serves the best Gobi Manjurian on earth.
50. Seethal once asked me “Do they make only 3 copies of these movies, keep one for themselves, and send the second one for Oscar and the third one to you?” My choice of movies is almost unique when compared to my friends.
51. I enjoy real dabba kooth songs and carnatic classicals alike. But nothing in between. I don’t like most of the supposed-to-be-good melodies. മറന്നിട്ടുമെന്തിനോ.. , എങ്ങിനെ ഞാന്, പൊയി സൊല്ലക്കൂടാത് കാതലി, എന്നവളെ and Lefzom Mein share my playlist with Randaka Randaka, Pan Banaras wala, Dard-E-Disco, Daddy Yankee- Gasolina, Karuppana Kaiyyale… etc!! Heeeee.
52. I’ll post the 200 songs I love sometime in near future.
53. I always have my own visualizations for all the songs I love, shot in locations I know and with people I know!!! I take no effort to do it! I just close my eyes and that comes by itself!!
54. I overuse the exclamation mark!! [used it 45 times in this post till the 54th point!]. Now it is 46.
55. Murugan Kattakkada’s “Kannada” is the first poem I really enjoyed a lot. And finally got interested in poems.
56. I don’t find anything a waste. I speculate some future use for everything and find it hard to throw things away.
57. Shamz is someone who has influenced me a lot!
58. I cannot stay glued to the TV for a long time.
59. I really love programming and thought it’ll be all about programming in engineering and was wonderstruck to find that my S3 had no CS papers at all! Later got used to it in the remaining semesters!
60. I had once been the Magazine Editor at College of Engineering, Munnar and lead the team that brought out the First college Magazine – ‘Ripples – The rhythm of change’
61. പരീക്ഷകളെ ഞാന് വെറുക്കുന്നു. പക്ഷെ അനിവാര്യതക്ക് കീഴ്പ്പെടാറാണ് പതിവ്
62. When students in my hall compete to take additional sheets during exams, I’ll be praying “Oh God, make me write beyond the centre staple… pleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseee”.
63. When I start talking something I’ve no guarantee that it will end or where it will end.
64. I’ve not yet finished the notebooks which I’ve been using since my 3rd semester.
65. My Mom claims that I can go any long without washing clothes.
66. I really love Lime Tea with more sugar and Bru coffee with little sugar.
67. My efficiency seems to increase when there are multiple assignments [not too many] at the same time than concentrating on any one.
68. I made my first speech in 2nd STD in the School Assembly.
69. I spent a considerable time of my 10th Standard Study leave watching RajyaSabha and LokSabha News in Doordarshan with no idea of what is going on.
70. And by watching the ant colony in my 12th.
71. I once thought I knew more things than this about me!
72. Someone I met during the CBSE youth festival at Gandhi Seva Sadhan Senior Secondary School, Palakkad years back, made me change my hairstyle!
73. I LOVE Adobe Photoshop!
74. And when a kid, I once thought, “How can someone fail in exams?” and when I grew up I learned that there are so many things that kids don’t know!
75. In childhood I was always frightened thinking about this – What if I’m living in somebody’s dream? Will all these be gone when that person wakes up? Or will it be transferred to somebody else’s dream? Or will this just freeze until that person sees this dream again?
76. I see dreams and in many cases they come true!
77. When I was in 3rd standard or so, when I had no idea of evolution, I argued a lot with the man who was painting our house about “Which came first, hen or egg?” That old man reminded me about this when I saw him last year.
78. I still have no idea of evolution and feel pity for those who are still monkeys!
79. I’m fascinated about how did the first living cell was created from nonliving matter.
80. I’m agnostic.
81. I believe that there is something other than Kentucky Fried Chicken that tastes the same all round the globe – the free curry they serve at thattu kadas taste equally bad all round the world! I don’t know do they do it.
82. I enjoy burning paper, matches and twigs using lens and sunlight!
83. I’m a strong advocate of equality!!
84. I don’t read Malayala Manorama because I don’t like the font.
85. I survived 21 long years in India without being able to recognize enough cricketers to count with both my hands.
86. I tend to support the loosing team…in most cases….whatever it may be.
87. I had argued with my science teacher for teaching that Pluto is the farthest planet when Neptune was the farthest planet. Pluto’s and Neptune’s orbit overlaps and Pluto became the farthest planet again on February 11, 1999 after 20 years (since February 7, 1979) and will be so for 228 years. But it then it got Plutoed [MS word is showing a spelling error as this word was added to vocabulary only recently]!! Read this to know more.
88. I hate chain mails.
89. For all the foreign readers – “Though in India, I’ve seen a snake charmer only once till now!!” and for all the desi readers, “Though in Wayanad, I was never attacked by a wild elephant nor kidnapped by cannibals till now!!”
90. I love all Dan Brown novels (especially Angels and Demons) and Anne Rice novels (Memnoch the Devil).
91. I can’t understand the open source philosophy. [Sorry Subin].
92. People invariably tend to think about me in ways I had never been.
93. The best part is 10 persons see me in 10 different ways!
94. I don’t have an active Facebook Profile and Orkut started to get boring.
95. I still don’t know what to do when I grow up!! (I stole this from someone’s blog)
96. I’m a chronic procrastinator. I’ll write more about it later!
97. I don’t drink shakes! I don’t like the taste.
98. I prefer not to do things which will not have my signature style. Doing something for the sake of doing it is not usually in my dictionary.
99. I still have the notebook in which I drew pictures during my 1st standard vacation.
100. I couldn’t figure out the hundredth thing and I’m eager to post this and planning to write 100 things about the college in the new magazine.


17 thoughts on “100 random things about me!

  1. >>>When I was a child, I thought Jesus Christ was a >>>Malayalee and Britishers crucified him during the >>>freedom struggle!! That was because Malayalees >>>call it ദു:ഖ വെള്ളി (Dhu:kha velli) while in English >>>it is “Good” Friday!! Why should Keralites be sad >>>while the British are happy if not so??!

    Hahaha [:D] athu kikkidu

    let me add 101th thing about U [ sorry it is about me ]

    Jithinettan aanu coincidence enna word ente sraddhayil peduthiyathu. athil pinne ente jeevithathil oru paadu coincidences undaayi even today [:)] . [oru pakshe munpu sraddhikkathathu kondaayirikkam . still.. ] enikku thonnunnu aa word nu jithinettante jeevithathilum valiya praadhanyam undennu [:)] [ sorry ippozha orma vannathu [:d] ]


  2. @91.
    the simple philosophy of opensource is give and take.
    nature doesn’t have a distinction between living and non living.
    when i was a child, i thoght Mammotty, Mohan Lal Suresh Gopi and Jayaram are single person. coz all of them have same chubby face, hair style and moustache. 😀


  3. sajna says:

    i liked this blog a lot… and i wonder people really write like this… i shud be reading more i guess…
    and i loved this point… “”74. And when a kid, I once thought, “How can someone fail in exams?” and when I grew up I learned that there are so many things that kids don’t know!””


    • Jithin V Mohan says:

      Oh My God!! You are probably the first person who stumbled onto this blog and was generous enough to give so flattering comments!!!

      I still cant figure out how did you reach here!! I seriously think you should be reading more!! :p


  4. rahular says:

    ninnepatti nee ezhuthi koottiyathonnum sathyamallannu ninakkuthanne ariyalo, pinenthine alkare veruthe pattikkunnathu????

    ini enthaayaalum njanoru karyam parayaaam,ethayaalum 4aalariyatte….

    “ivanethanenno, ivante swabhavam enthanenno, ivanethanu chintyikkunnathenno aarkum manasilaakkan pattilla”

    ini adhavaa aarkenkilum njan paranjathinodu viyojippundenkil:(njanonnum paranjittilla ningalonnum kettittumilla..)mukalil paranjathu ente matram thonalayirikkum..avane enikku sharikkum manasilaakathathukondavum.


  5. Arun G says:

    Screaming Silently itself is more than enough for you Kanna..
    “Pinne epplathem pole aalkkarude kanni podiyidanalle ee vaachakakkasarthu…. – Kidilanaayittund….”

    You don’t have to know what will you be when you grow up.. 🙂


  6. SANEESH KUMAR K says:

    this guy got a lot of secrets with him

    i dont know how much he had shared with PONY(So called bst frnd in college)

    Midhuns comment was super


  7. Mahshooque AT says:

    A special person I met in my Life..really different one…

    Let me add a 100+ thing to the list..
    When I typed ‘Jithin’ in google SearchBox,Google suggested me “jithin v mohan” with 3,300 results…!!!!!!!!


  8. Rhea Marium Mathew says:

    @ rahul’s comment….

    Njaan paranjatha rahule….Ivan verum kallanalla ‘Kallanu kanjivechavan’!!!Ee vrithikettavanundallo…lavan ennodu paranjatha avanepattiyulla kure kaaryangal paranjukodukkan…Blogil ezhuthaanaathre….Ennittenthaayi…Njaan kuthippidichirunnu kashtappettu type cheythu kure sathyangal ormappeduthi….Dosham parayaruthallo!!ente oro messagenum oro ‘ha ha ha’ reply msgum vannu….Kure kazhinju avan 100 kaaryangal thikachennum blogil post cheythittundennum ariyippethi…Njaan paavam ente cmputeril kuthippidichirunnu thirachilaayi….Ente connection ‘dial up’ aanennorkkanam…’Eurekka’…atlast njaan kandupidichu…Valareyere pratheekshayode njaan monitorilekku….Nhehe…Njaan paranjathonnumthanneyilla….Potte saaramilla….Onnumillelum avanu kure sathyangalelum ezhuthaamayirunnu…Athum potte…kure nunakal ezhuthaathirikkukayengilumaavaamayirunnu…Ithepattiyulla ente chodyathinu avante vaka marupadi ”Ee satyangalokke angine purathu parayaan pattumo!!Naattukaarennepatti enthu vichaarikkum!!”

    Vaalkashnam:Ithinte peril vazhakku vere nadannennu pinnampurasamsaaram..


  9. റിയ
    അയ്യടാ. എനിയ്ക്കും ഇതേ അക്കിടി പറ്റി.. കള്ളാ .. ജിത്തൂ 😛


  10. Naufal Mohd. says:

    Had u scored one mark less than me in 12th Computer Science i would’ve been the sole holder of that special CBSE 0.1% topper certificate…!!


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