100 random things about me!

I know it is customary to do this post as the 100th post in a blog. As I’m not sure that this blog will live that long, let me post it now.

1. I’m from the sweet little town of Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad district of Kerala.
2. Deadlines amuse me!
3. I once had a Pomeranian dog Ricky and a few birds and fishes. Now I hate pets.
4. And few of those birds were hens and cocks.
5. I did my schooling from Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Wayand Kendra (till 10th) and WMO English Academy, Muttil (11th and 12th) and Joined MES Engineering College, Kuttippuram and finally got higher option to College of Engineering, Munnar in Computer Science Department.
6. I wanted the previous point to be 4 points!
7. The first reason why I joined engineering was because it was the easiest course to get an admission to and had reasonable chance to get a job. And second reason – I couldn’t find a course I like more!
8. I love photography.
9. I’m stuck here and just sent an SMS to many to help me with this.
10. Becoming a social reformer was my childhood dream.
11. Becoming a radio jockey was the best profession I could think of for a long time.
12. Later someone told me that it required reading newspapers everyday.
13. I’ll buy the first copy if something like “Beginners guide to Indian Politics” or “Indian Politics for dummies” is published.
14. That will include any booklet of “Contemporary Indian Political Parties, Their Leaders and Symbols[or emblems or logos or whatever it is]”
15. I dream a lot. So much that I think I start dreaming right when I lie on bed until I wake up.
16. And I remember most of them!!
17. I write my personal diary in crypt.
18. Later I forget how to decrypt it. Then I’ll use a different method of encryption. Continue reading