To the man [/men] blinded by vision

I know that you might wonder at the end of this post… “Why [the hell] am I reading this!” I have very little to do about it. This is solely intended to be read by those who feel that they should have read this earlier. I am not sure if I should hope that you are not one of them. If you don’t understand the incidents and feelings described here, I can safely conclude that you are not from the college described here. There is no point in reading further. And now that you ARE reading further, I assume that you know what you are going to read.
If you feel that it was long ago when MPC sir wrote the “From the chief editors desk…” in the college magazine Ripples – The rhythm of change… [Which of course did not make any {lasting} change] let me remind you those lines:

“Management experts classify people into three categories: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder how things happen. I would like to add a fourth category: those who do not care if anything happens at all. College of Engineering Munnar, albeit its miniature size has this fourth category in abundance.”

When he handed over that message to us, we could at least try to defend the student community. But time has proven that we have our mouths shut now. I must admit that College of Engineering Munnar has finally succeeded after four years of tireless efforts to add me to the fourth category. I don’t blame the faculty or the students for that. [If you find that I have a boring style of writing, let me remind you that the close button is not yet disabled!!]
I am sitting here at this computer for past few hours thinking not about what to write, but about what to write first and how to word them. After the end of write-rewrite cycles like those crap [read records and assignments], I finally decided to write them just as they come to my mind. After all I am not writing this to make someone read, I am writing this just because I want to.
ഒരു പക്ഷെ മനുഷ്യന്‌ ആദ്യമായി മത്സരിച്ചപ്പോള്‍ തന്നെ തോന്നിയിരിക്കാം പരാജയം സമ്മതിക്കാന്‍ എനിക്കിപ്പോള്‍ തോന്നുന്ന ഈ ജാള്യത. [Oru pakshe manushyanu aadhyamaayi malsarichappol thane thonniyirikkam paraajayam sammathikkan enikkippol thonnunna e jalyatha. ]
I feel embarrassed to admit that I failed miserably. Finally I admit that you were right when you said that I cannot do anything in this college. Sorry Jithin Mathew. I did not hear you when you warned infinite times that I will end up regretting what ever I did. I couldn’t foresee as much as you did. I agree that no team can do anything that can break the shackles of monotony in this college. I couldn’t believe you Shamzetta when you introduced this college as a bunch of students and staff who just go on doing what ever they are supposed to do as programmed devices. Sorry Sharoon, I did not get you when you said this should not be my domain. Sorry Swaroop, for arguing with you telling that it is your problem that you cannot love this college. Sorry Subin, I mislead you by telling you that at the end of the day they will understand your efforts. Sorry Meera that I made fun of you when you were going home at every chance you got. NOW I’m sorry Rhea that I couldn’t even wish you on your birthday as I was busy with the magazine. And, Sorry dear teachers that I had to cut your classes to do something for the college [All those things which I derived pleasure doing it excluded]

I couldn’t [and cannot] believe that college can be a place where nobody bothers to do anything that can make this place lively. If you are thinking how can I say that when there had been so many students and staff who tried to do that? Next time when you find someone who ever toiled to help the students break this deathly stillness, ask them how they feel now. If you happen to find someone who do NOT use f**k or <content filtered> words to describe the incident, please do let me know. We can seriously consider giving him a CEM equivalent of Nobel Prize for peace [obviously after all those thread bound discussions and all those request letters and approvals and cancellations and re-approvals and of course blames at last. I am sure that at last someone will “find” out that I had made a secret pact with that winner. Let us say ½ the prize amount. But now I’m not bothered. Believe me.]
Let me invite the attention of all those visionaries and well-wishers of the college who are toiling their days and nights for the betterment of the college and academic standards [I really meant that] to a little known fact that there is a life flowing between these aesthetically designed walls and around these well rounded pillars-the campus life. If you are trying to build more and more of these walls and amass soaring numbers of gadgets as the only way to churn out lots and lots of Distinction certificates, let me warn you – “You will face failure unprecedented in history”. This is not a curse. And even if it is, what difference will it make to the pile which is already on you. This is just a warning in case you never thought about it earlier. Maybe you can grab a few ranks and maybe best salary offers in the country for students; but imagine the state of affairs when there is no single soul passing out that feels that they are glad that they studied here. Just as that survey in which you counted whether the teacher erases the blackboard as one of the qualities of a good teacher, run another survey that counts how many students are happy that they joined this college. Just mingle with students and ask them if they are satisfied about this college. ASK THEM IF THEY ARE LIVING A LIFE? And ask yourself what YOU have done to make this a place worth living in. Is there anything that anyone did to make this a place worth coming back every morning?
A few of us who were trying to make this college something more than bricks and mortar are all suffering now. Unlike you we were trying to make even the ones with poorest of poor internals to feel that this is their college….. The most silent of silent students feel that this is their class…. Most arrogant of arrogant students to feel that it is still their team… the least bothered students to feel that this college has something for them too…. We failed. Yes you heard it right. WE FAILED. Students are also not bothered if anything happens at all. At least my(?) batch. And it is at that point that I resigned the Speakership of the Senate. To quote someone “Once I used to want to change the world, but now I’d like to leave this room with a little dignity”.
Sir, I agree with you completely when you said that increasing college hours might reduce the queue in front of BevCo. Did you try to find out why did that happen? Why did the vast majority of boys resort to drinks? Don’t you think that the boredom of a place without even a cinema theatre has some role in that? Don’t you know that there is no boys’ hostel here? Yes sir…..yes sir….we are not here for entertainment….yes sir….we need the degree…..agreed that no one will ask for anything else than the marks……don’t we…… don’t we need…..some relaxation….. yes sir drinking is not a solution…..agreed….. yeah we know that…….yes sir DTPC is organizing it. Yes sir they stage Kathakali, padayani, Nangyaar koothu, thumbi thullal, kolkkali, mohiniyattam etc every Saturday and Sunday…….till March 29. Obviously sir….they are entertainments……. Yeah yeah….Indian culture is best of all….. Yes in America they don’t have all these…..Yeah Indians are born programmers….but sir….. SSIRRRRRRRRRRRRR PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Please ask your faculty members when was the last time they did not frown at some student who wished them a good morning. Ask them when they not picked up one of those ready-to-wear expressions on their faces in front of students. Sorry, I did not forget those few who even catch us in the corridor and ask us how is life. Only a minority, a microscopic minority ever bothers to ask the students why they scored so low in their papers.
While searching for the reasons of this graveyard silence from the other side of the hedge, i.e. from the students’ side, I found a picture in the Orkut [yes the same old banned one] album of one of my friends with untapped potential. The caption says something like this “Zero Degree Celsius” – ONLY FROZEN MINDS ARE SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE from THIS F****** COLLEGE. That is what he wrote about the college. Sharan, can I tell them that it is you?
Is that the reason?
Let’s try answering that later. It is already 5 in the morning. If I go on again, I will not be able to catch the 7.30 bus. Even if I get it, I’m not sure if I will be able to get into the college bus from Eastend Junction. I know that you are not bothered if you provide at least transportation to the boys who don’t even have a hostel. [If you were the one who told me this when we pleaded for a reduction in bus fare, let me ask – you do you think you are right? Do you really mean it?]


19 thoughts on “To the man [/men] blinded by vision

  1. MerinFrancis says:

    Coolllllll……life keeps moving……and this phase will pass…..let us turn back after a few years and look………these all stuffs may remain as simple jokes or unnecessary anxieties then………..may be…atleast we have had a large variety of experience…….right…..may be useful for future to live in the “real” world…..take care….


  2. rhoni thomas says:

    hey da,
    you just spoke of those ifinitre number of things that are buried deep down in each and every one of our hearts. its the uselessness of mentioning it that stops us from responding. great to know that sumone has the mind to let all this out. as the previous reply stated above, these things should teach us the precious truths of our lives. dont let it affect you. there are lots and lots of more experiences of this sort waiting for you once you are out of this (s**t)..there are more of these to come dear………………


  3. A poem reads, “The good are better made by ill, as odors crushed are sweeter still.”
    Bad times make us more mature and help us to get stronger and especially you are a person with a deepened perspective …so hope the (potential) happenings of the previous weeks have even more deepened your perspective of life. I seem to sense a difference too – a more vivid and relaxing Jithin !!!


  4. rahular says:

    Aashichathum swapnam kandathum ellam nashtepettukondirikum;allenkil thanne avayellam upekshichu pokan nam badhyasdharumanu.nammal kariyilakalanu arkum vendatha kariyilakal…..ennirunnalum e colegil vannathu kondu kittiya chila bandhangalenkilum(bandhanangal) namororutharum manasil sookshikunnille?avasheshikunna atharam ormakalumayi namukku padiyirangam.poruthiyittum rakthasakshiyayittum vilapichittum;kannu thurakkathe urakkam nadikunna koopamandookanglku munnil nmukkennalla aarkum onnum cheyyanilla.urangi kidkkunnavare vilichunartham,urakkam nadikkunnavareyo?pottakkulathil POTTANUM keman.


  5. Meera says:

    I don’t know whether i have the right to comment on this write up because even i had a ‘golden’ opportunity to hear his speech once…….and even i had used all those ‘filtered’ words…. I know his attitude s***s…… even if we dreamed high and we were not able to take it high we have atleast started it…. I’m proud to be a part of my batch which have Jithu , Rahul , Mathew,Merin, Rhea and a lot more… We have started a revolution dear..let the seeds we have sawn beyond us carry it away……. May be after some years when we get back we will be happy to see a colorful version of our dry life here…..At that time we can say we are martyrs here….. Even if all this has happened why you don’t want this to end?.Why you don’t even want to imagine a day without college because somewhere we still love all these yaar……..This is just a trailor…..Its just preparing us to face the worst…..But then we will laugh and say we had enough now no one can frustrate us that much…..


  6. Dear Silent Scream,
    i gotta tel u tis bud…!!! but farnkly i thot u were real nuts when i saw u in colege running behind thngs that wudn’t concern u te least. I wondered why sme1 wud commit to smethng so unrewarding..? i’m kinda happy tht u realizd it and also i wasnt completely wrong with my views. I shud say that our college would be the ultimate promised land of bloody hypocrites.while i’m wirtin tis sme faces pas me and just two words strike me CLINICALLY INSANE. long way to go bud….


  7. chintu alex says:

    everything is still same out here….counting down my days to get out of this hell…less than 189 days more…jithin chetta,wen u gys wer here, atleast there was some vibration from within…now its dead…ther’s nthn here…nothn!!!!!!


    • Jithin V Mohan says:

      Hi Chintu,

      Well… This was just a phase of mine!! I got over it then and there and that is why this post did not have a sequel (as i planned initially). And I can guess that the conditions wouldn’t have changed improved a bit!!

      Now that I think about it, i am getting the feeling I had about it initially – It was not all that bad!! And I loved being there!!


  8. Tojo says:

    I don’t know what to say……..The first thing that comes to my mind is a feel of pity for myself for not having read this before.
    Though I feel the pain of missing my college life now…….During that time my heart was filled with regret for not being able to do things like u did. U’ve once told me that every brick in this college has a story to tell. A story of toil and hardship. If it had the power to speak out, I’m sure, they will have a story to tell about u and ur team.The things u did and tried……..
    I am actually happy to have learned here or else I wouldn’t have been able to meet u people.


    • Jithin V Mohan says:

      Hi Tojo…
      It’s just a phase and you will get over it… just like all of us did… I do miss college and college days… though not as much as I anticipated while there… And I am forever grateful to CEM and everything that happened there….

      But trust me, it feels a lot better outside…

      And about doing things in college.. that is an awesome team work.. which I sometimes miss a lot…. A LOT!


  9. jithinettaa,,,,,
    ” Sorry Swaroop, for arguing with you telling that it is your problem that you cannot love this college”


  10. Reblogged this on Sanju's Blog and commented:
    Sometimes it feels great to read something and feel. “Oh Shit, u too??? ” Well, years later in the same college, why is that someone is feeling the same way as he did? why is that even after years the same thing happen again and again. Why is that even after years someone like me is writing this? isnt it time to change something around here?
    I still remember someone telling me in first year ,” CEM has seen many Sanju Sony Kurians in the past 10 years and everyone, each and everyone of them left this college regreting it”
    To all those friends who told me “come to class”, ever wondered why i dont come to class regularly?

    I quote
    “Management experts classify people into three categories: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder how things happen. I would like to add a fourth category: those who do not care if anything happens at all. College of Engineering Munnar, albeit its miniature size has this fourth category in abundance.”

    I wanted to do something, i wanted to be a part of something. I wanted to shoulder with something.
    But here, nobody gives a fucking shit about anything.

    Now RIM??? Come to college at 9am and come back home at 9pm? What do you think??? That students are just ROBOTS??? If you want to improve the result-first care. Atleast show that you care for the students. Show that something matters. Show that life is about caring for people. Ya we are here for degree, we are here to be engineers, that doesnt mean that life is all about the degree.

    Life is about loving, standing for something you believe in. Life is about waking up every morning with a hope to do something different today. Whats the point of waking up every morning if you dont have anything to hope for? Whats the point of even living when you cant make a differnce in your life than what was yesterday.

    I might not become a successful anything, i might not be the best person to say this. I saw this world only 21 years. But i saw successful people without even a degree. I saw comapnies rise from nothing into “Promising startups of the year”. In the real world, whats the role of the degree that an engineer hold. When around 3lac students passout every year, whats the point of calling yourself an engineer. Nobody asks the successful ones what their degree is??
    All that matters in the real world is who you are. What your committment is.
    In life i dont think degree makes any person successful. I want a family to hold on to. A wife, kid, parents,grandparents.i want to know what love is, what relationships are. I want to learn what friendship really means. What holding hands with my wife and kid and say my evening prayers mean.

    Make a change in someone’s life. Thats what college life really means. Ofcousre we need result for our college, for that, you dont have to torture students. Give them a chance to live a life in CEM, they will surely start studying. Give them oppertunities to show what they really are. Give them oppertunity to enjoy life. You will see the difference.

    I dont hate anyone in this college, all i hate is the way we function.
    As Jithinettan quoted,



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