Et enfin

And at last….

So I started blogging as Jithin V Mohan!!

Today I don’t intend to post anything anyway…. But I this article from Wikipedia is worth reading because it is about a word that can describe me the best – “OXYMORON” (This is for all those who don’t know me)


Here is an extract

An oxymoron (plural oxymorons or, more rarely, oxymora) is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms. Oxymoron is a loanword from Greek oxy (“sharp” or “pointed”) and moros (“dull”). Thus the word oxymoron is itself an oxymoron.

Oxymorons are a proper subset of the expressions called contradictions in terms. What distinguishes oxymorons from other paradoxes and contradictions is that they are used intentionally, for rhetorical effect, and the contradiction is only apparent, as the combination of terms provides a novel expression of some concept, such as “cruel to be kind” or “team of mavericks”.

The most common form of oxymoron involves an adjectivenoun combination. For example, the following line from Tennyson‘s Idylls of the King contains two oxymorons:

“And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true”

Oxymorons can also be wooden irons in that they are in violation of the Principle of contradiction which asserts that nothing can be thought if it contains contradictory characteristics, predicates, attributes, or qualities.


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